Inspiration as Dr. Wayne Dyer so humbly defined it as In Spirit. It means different things to different people. Inspiration to me means that exhilarating feeling of bliss when you have a vision or an idea and you start down the path to bringing that idea into existence.

I have that feeling when I come up with that one idea and get that YES!! the feeling of I can do that. I then start building the steps to do that particular project. To be inspired for that particular project. A good example of that, for instance, would be when I was designing something. I have custom built chicken coops, aquaponic systems, hydroponic systems and candle making stations. It’s important to keep your creativity up by having hobbies. Hobbies open your mind up to all the different possibilities of what you can create. Being creative continues to be the best way, in my opinion, to bring forth the inspiration needed for that next big idea. I almost always get inspired while working on other projects. It’s funny how the mind works. It seems I have more idea’s when I am busy working, than when I am just sitting idle. The best idea’s come to you when you are moving. So my advice is to get moving!


The more you move the better the ideas.

Sometimes I move too much and have too many inspired ideas and I get overwhelmed at times. All you have to do is tell yourself to pick one, do it from start to finish. Keep a list of all your idea’s on paper or on your phone tablet or whatever device you chose to use to save your idea’s. People would argue that writing it all down reinforces the particular thing and help it to fruition. I, on the other hand, believe that as long as it is saved somewhere you’re golden.



     When you have an inspired idea you need to act on it. I recommend you do it quickly. Reason being your mind will somehow someway try to discourage you from doing it. That’s one of the downfalls of humanity. There are thousands of great ideas hatched daily, but sadly most don’t ever act on them. Let’s face it everything started from a thought. Electricity, cars, clothes, manufactured goods of all types and descriptions. We now enjoy all those things because someone had this fantastic idea and acted on it.


    Have faith and believe in yourself. Taking action and working toward the completed project can be daunting at times. You will get stuck, frustrated, annoyed and you WILL at some point want to quit. This is what I do.

I step back and take a break from what it is that I am working on and walk away from it for a bit. Then get back to it as soon as possible. You have to have some form of discipline to make yourself get back to it. The main goal gets back at it otherwise you will risk shelving the whole project. I know this from experience and it has been a great teacher. I myself have stopped in the middle of a project and never returned to it.  Writing projects tend to be that way for me. I have at least 10 books started but I haven’t finished the first book. My plan is to finish at least one of them and get it published. I should say I am at some point.



    Let me put out this warning about the above…. I am a natural at procrastinating.

Some of us have the worst time with procrastination. I struggle with it constantly. I know a lot of you out there has the same problem. I am a deadline crasher. What I mean by that is that i have to feel the pressure of a deadline sometimes to actually finish a project that I am currently engaged in. My advice to you is to give it a deadline. You will succeed in your endeavor that way. I had to do that for my first chicken coop. The project was started fortunately I had a full basement to start the project in. I also had a deadline to get it done or no chickens for me for that year…

    That was my motivation. I had to get the coop done first. You see the importance of a deadline and how that will work in your favor.

The worst thing you can do is let your mind talk you out of it. You must be really mindful of yourself talk. That could spell trouble for your future projects. Think of it this way…..

If I let go of an idea simply because I talked myself out of it or discouraged myself from doing it. I am not the only one losing out. Someone else may benefit from that idea or project. It would be a shame to lose it and not be able to share it with the world. Sharing with the rest of the world is what we are meant to do.


Tesla was a champion at that. That man brought a lot of great ideas and discoveries to us. Alas, they were stolen unfortunately by Edison and his Westinghouse affiliates. You have the ability to add great things to the world around you. The only thing stopping it is you. It’s very unfortunate but we get in our own way sometimes when it comes to creating the things that we have been inspired to create.  So stay focused and push forward. Don’t think about giving up. If you do just think of how you will more than likely kick yourself later for not following through. I can’t even begin to list all the times I wished that I had continued on and pushed my fears and doubt aside. That’s a big stumbling block for a lot of people.  focused. I know it will be difficult at times but believe and have a knowing that what you are creating will be beneficial to someone soon.  




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