Friction in Life and how to overcome it.


Have you ever been at a junction in your life where it seems life is holding you back or you are having difficulty in moving forward? If you have you are not alone. I too experience things like that in my life where everything comes to me easily one day, and the other seems like trying to accomplish a certain task it seems as if no matter what you do it seems as if you’re not getting anything accomplished. What I do is when I find myself in situations such as that, I stop what I am doing and I back away from the problem and let the universe bring the answers to me.

You want to keep in mind that the answer you seek may not show up where you think it’s going to show up.  You want to develop an awareness of what is around you. The answer is usually in the details, most times it shows up when you are working on something different. It’s not a bad thing to walk away or stop a project if you hit a snag. If it costs you an extra day it’s worth it not to have to stress over the answer.  That’s my philosophy and I am sticking to it.

So build your awareness be in the now and know that all answers will be given to you when you open up your mind and heart to the answer it will manifesting itself.  I hope this little post helps you out in some way. Don’t forget to like and share on facebook!


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